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Sultan Kosen is first man in a decade to officially measure over 8 ft. The 2010 edition of the Guinness World Records book is being published today (17th Sep) unveiling a world exclusive in the shape of a new World’s Tallest Man.

Guinness World Records Editor-in-chief, Craig Glenday, travelled to Turkey earlier this year to personally validate the claim of 27 year old Sultan Kosen who measures a staggering 8ft 1in (246.5cm). Sultan also has the world’s ‘largest hands’ and ‘largest feet’ measuring 27.5 cm and 36.5 cm respectively. He is the first person to officially measure over 8 ft in more than a decade and is a triple record holder. He stole the record from Bao Xishun (Mongolia), after Leonid Stadnyk’s (Ukraine) claim to the title was discredited when he refused to be independently measured.

Other records featured in this year’s book includes; –

  • -Tallest Married Couple The Van Kleef-Boltons (UK) Him at 6 ft 9.75 (2.076 m) Her at 6 ft 5.5 in (1.968 m)
  • - Longest time restraining two aircrafts 1 min 0.6 seconds (USA) – Largest Hamburger commercially available 84.14kg, 185.8lbs and costing $499 (USA)
  • - Most skips by a dog in a minute “Sweet Pea” managed 75 rope skips
  • - Largest ball of cling film/plastic wrap 3.51m wide and 281 lb 8 oz (Five times heavier than its 10 year old owner Jake)
  • - The dog with the longest ears “Tigger’s” ears are 34.9cm (13.75 in)
  • - Longest fingernails (male) Aggregate length of 9.05m (USA) 

 A highlight in this year’s 2010 Edition of the Guinness World Records book is the Top 100 Records of the Decade, compiled by the Editor to celebrate the end of the noughties. Readers are now being asked to vote for their favourites in an online poll… and UK fans have a lot to choose from after a decade packed with British world records such as :

  • the Fastest time to pluck three turkeys (11 min 30.16 sec – Essex) 
  • the Longest rabbit (3ft 3in – Worcester) 
  •  the Furthest Distance to unicycle in 24 hours (281.85 miles – Somerset)
  • the Most marathons run on consecutive days (York) by Michelle Atkins who managed an astonishing 10
  • the 13,000 – strong congregation who gathered to form the Largest Gathering of Santa Claus (Ireland) a
  • the 27 haircuts achieved for Most haircuts underwater in one hour (Kent).

Now in its 55th year, the book includes spreads on human nature, human talents, hair-raising stunts and epic journeys alongside chapters on ‘Alternative Energies,’ ‘Eco-Transport,’ and ‘Terrorism and Warfare’ to reflect record-breaking global developments and events of the past ten years.

TNR Communications has been working with GWR for over 4 years now, working with them on their Broadcast PR around the book launches and Guinnes World Records Day, which is coming up in November. Our production teams have been filming around the world all year to capture all the most exciting and whacky records for broadcasters and onlines to use. Footage was taken by 30 stations including :

amongst others…

What a day! We look forward to Guinness World Records Day in November whenwe can share even more wierd and wonderful records!


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