Dave Berry and the fangs of Twitter

It is a few days since the announcement was made that Dave Berry will be replacing Johnny Vaughan on one of the most popular commercial radio stations in the country – Capital FM London.

It feels like a natural move by Global Radio, who own Capital, LBC and Heart, to bring in Berry who moved from XFM to Capital’s weekend breakfast show in April this year.  Although this might be the case tweeters suggest otherwise…

‘Dave Berry’ was trending on Twitter yesterday but not all for the right reasons.  The fact he was trending does show the presence of Capital FM but many tweeters took to the social network to voice their concerns, with one saying

‘@958capbreakfast Devastating news that Johnny leaving Capital Breakfast!!! Even more devastating that Dave Berry is his successor!!!!’

The over use of the exclamation mark in this tweet alone outlines how Capital fans are feeling about the news, but is it warranted?

London-born Dave Berry has successfully presented on radio and TV for over 10 years, starting at Nickelodeon UK before moving to MTV UK, so his CV is packed with enough experience to back Global’s decision.

Only time will tell whether Berry is the right man for the job or if it’s a huge error by Global Radio. At the moment it is clear Capital fans are not happy so we leave you with this – a grab from the most recent comments on Captial FM’s website…

Dave Berry twitter feed

Post by Daniele Baron, Production Assistant @ TNR Communications


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  1. Soyini says:

    I’m just really surprised that Capitol isn’t responding to the comments on the page. Poor Dave Berry will have a lot to prove, hopefully there’ll still be enough people listening to spread the good news.

    It isn’t a bad idea for a ‘young’ brand like Capitol to replace Johnny, MTV is always changing it’s cast of characters. It’s part of what kept it fresh (in the 80s and 90s).

    I won’t be surprised to see a rash of competitions and fan specials to appease the angry hoards to distract them into staying.

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