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Managing the England Crisis – Why Speed is of the Essence

“It’s Game Over for Big Sam” (The i), “Shaming of England Boss” (Daily Mirror), “Humiliation for England” (The Times).  Today’s excruciating newspaper headlines were inevitable after the departure of Sam Allardyce in disgrace last night, in the wake of undercover reporting by the Daily Telegraph.  The paper alleged (with accompanying video footage) that the England manager negotiated a £400,000 business

Brands Meet the Media breakfast a huge success!

Our Brands Meet the Media breakfast event this morning was a huge success! Organisations from a wide range of sectors all came to hear speakers from TNR and the PA followed by a tour of the PA newsroom and TNR’s new state of the art studios. Pete Clifton, Editor in Chief at the PA spoke about how video has changed

Media training ‘Tip of the Month’: key message sessions

Any organisation with a media profile should hold regular key message sessions.  Failure to do so is virtually guaranteed to land spokespeople in trouble during encounters with journalists, yet many companies and charities make the mistake of not scheduling regular sessions to review, refine and develop their messages.  Despite the best efforts of press and comms teams, many interviews are

David Brent inspired Corporate Photography Do’s and Don’ts!

It has been over 12 years since we last saw Ricky Gervais as David Brent from cult British TV series “The Office”, but this month he’s returned to the big screen in a spinoff movie titled “David Brent: Life on the Road”.  Not only is David Brent now a sales rep, he is also a singer-songwriter and is on tour