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Meet the Media at the Press Association…

We held another fantastic Meet the Media breakfast event at the Press Association HQ in Victoria recently. The event was an enormous success, with PR and communications executives from across London gathering to listen to our expert panel of speakers and to network over breakfast. Attendees of the event learned how to communicate key messages to members of the press

How Theresa May should prepare for her Trump photo call

It’s a big day for the British Prime Minister, becoming the first world leader to meet newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump.  The cream of the British and American media will be there to record the moment and ask questions, so May’s team will have worked closely with Trump’s team to create what they hope will be iconic, impressive images

Staff Spotlight: Meet Amanda Poole-Connor, Managing Director at TNR …

What do you love about working at TNR?  I’ve been at TNR for 15 years this year which means that (not only am I very old) I have seen TNR go through some pretty big changes, from being an independent Broadcast PR agency with 4 staff, to the current creative content agency that is part of the UK’s leading news

Media Training tip of the month: “Learn from your interviews”

It’s not unusual to discover that spokespeople have no idea how their interview went because they didn’t watch it back.  Confident spokespeople can (sometimes wrongly) assume they came across well and their messages hit their mark.  Less confident spokespeople can often wrongly assume their interview was terrible and be put off accepting future interview opportunities.  In both cases, their organisations