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Media Training tip of the month: “Learn from your interviews”

It’s not unusual to discover that spokespeople have no idea how their interview went because they didn’t watch it back.  Confident spokespeople can (sometimes wrongly) assume they came across well and their messages hit their mark.  Less confident spokespeople can often wrongly assume their interview was terrible and be put off accepting future interview opportunities.  In both cases, their organisations

TNR Photography had a fantastic 2016!

TNR Photography had a fantastic 2016! We produced more photo shoots than at any other time in our history and despite fears over Brexit and downward trends in traditional print media – our services from PR’s, Marketing departments, brands and charities have been more in demand than ever. We have achieved this through a high success rate of image distribution

The Three A’s that make a Great Spokesperson

“The Three A’s that make a Great Spokesperson” blog written by Bridgid Nzekwu, Head of Media Training at TNR, part of the Press Association. When I think of great spokespeople, the ones who are most skilled at captivating an audience and getting their message across, certain qualities come to mind immediately and these are attributes we hone and develop in delegates

TNR photographer’s prospective: 36 hours in New York

We recently sent David Parry, one of our freelance photographers, on a pretty awesome job in New York which happened to coincide with the US presidential election day. After our shoot, David took to the streets with his camera to capture the historical hours before the results were announced. You can read David’s blog and view his incredible photos of NYC voters