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TNR photographer’s prospective: 36 hours in New York

We recently sent David Parry, one of our freelance photographers, on a pretty awesome job in New York which happened to coincide with the US presidential election day. After our shoot, David took to the streets with his camera to capture the historical hours before the results were announced. You can read David’s blog and view his incredible photos of NYC voters

Public Speaking – conquering the fear

For most people, public speaking is something to avoid or endure.  Having to do it can bring on all kinds of reactions.  Uncontrollable shaking, profuse sweating, racing heartbeat, breathing difficulties, even an inability to stand up.  I’ve trained public speakers who suffered all of these frightening feelings and many more.  Even people used to the public spotlight are not immune. 

Launch of ‘Mastering the Media’ open course

TNR are pleased to announce the launch of our new ‘Mastering the Media’ open course on the 5th and 6th December! Led by ITV newsreader Bridgid Nzekwu and aimed and comms professionals and spokespeople, the workshop covers: – how to deliver confident, persuasive media interviews, – how to brief and prepare spokespeople for broadcast, – how to connect with your

Managing the England Crisis – Why Speed is of the Essence

“It’s Game Over for Big Sam” (The i), “Shaming of England Boss” (Daily Mirror), “Humiliation for England” (The Times).  Today’s excruciating newspaper headlines were inevitable after the departure of Sam Allardyce in disgrace last night, in the wake of undercover reporting by the Daily Telegraph.  The paper alleged (with accompanying video footage) that the England manager negotiated a £400,000 business