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Photo of the Week!

Check out our Photo of the week! Client: Ogilvy Agency: TK Maxx Project: Give Clothes up for good Why do we like it? Our ‘Picture of the Week’ is an image from the launch of TK Maxx’s Give up Clothes for Good campaign with supermodel Daisy Lowe, it is in support of Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens. When a celebrity chooses to

January Staff Spotlight

This month’s Staff Spotlight is on Laura! 1. What does your usual day consist of? Arriving at Starbucks (other coffee chains are available) at 8.45am to get a LARGE cappuccino and despairing when my name gets written as Lora on the side of the cup. If it’s a Monday, I’ll start the day with a production team meeting so I

Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location. We deal, on a daily basis, with queries regarding suitable locations for photo and video shoots. A great location can widen the options for your photography briefs. It can enhance the subject; raise the mundane to the spectacular and cover a multitude of sins. On the other end of the scale, an ill-thought out location can ruin

Photo of the Week!

Check out our photo of the week! Client: Thorpe Park Agency: Taylor Herring Project: Derren Brown Ghost Train Why do we like it? Today’s Photo of the Week has been chosen by Marketing and Team Assistant Eliza. It’s from the unveiling of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, which will open at Thorpe Park in Spring. Eliza picked this image as she likes the angle the picture is